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Hassle-free returns 30-day postage paid returns
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Once inight is Enough!
Memory Foam Pillow
Best for Back & Side Sleeper
Innovative Cooling Pillow
Memory Foam & Cooling Gel Technology


inight Memory Foam Pillow, Sleep Comfortably Through the Night!


How to improve the longevity of your memory foam pillow?
Only the pillowcase is washable. Memory foam is designed to regain its shape, but excessive folding or squeezing can cause damage over time. Use the pillow as intended and refrain from exposing your pillow to direct sunlight for extended periods.
Rebound Issiue?
Considering the nature of memory foam pillows and the challenges associated with long-distance transportation, it's normal to encounter rebound issues. First and foremost, adhere to the instructions for foam activation and exercise patience.
Why isn't the cool gel pillow delivering the expected coolness?

If you are naturally warm or have high body heat, it may impact your perception of the cooling effect.

The pillows is influenced by room temperature.

Using the pillow in combination with air conditioning or a fan may enhance the cooling experience.